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‚ÄúSpring of Taihu ‚Ä?Oriental Cherry Festival
Time: from late March to early April (Blooming season of oriental cherry)
Place: Turtle-Head Peninsula Oriental Cherry Plantation, Changchun Bridge

Ever since 2003, the Turtle-Head Peninsula Oriental Cherry Festival has been held successfully 5 years in a row and has become a special serial event and brand product for the spring tourism of the Turtle-Head Peninsula.¬† Every year the ‚ÄúSpring of Taihu‚Ä?Turtle-Head Peninsula spring serial event focuses on Taihu spring, special flowers, culture and fashion of the Turtle Head Peninsula and other events.¬† The festival this year will cooperate with all tourism industries in bringing in many elements like human, fashion and modern ideas to deep develop the leisure and holiday products, allocate tourism resources, enrich the meaning of tourism culture and provide a series of wonderful spring tour products to the all the tourists.

The overall ‚ÄúSpring of Taihu‚Ä?serial activity starts from late March to early April during which many activities will be held, such as ‚ÄúReturning to the Nature‚Ä?walking around the double island of the Taihu Lake, Yangtze River Delta Self-drive around the Taihu Lake, fashionable bicycle riding, ‚ÄúRomantic Sakura‚Ä?singing and dancing show, ‚ÄúSpring in Sakura Forest‚Ä?fashionable famous car exhibition, ‚ÄúLove like Spring Flower‚Ä?100 new weds touring the country mansion, orchid show etc..¬† This period would be a perfect choice for people‚Äôs spring tour.